Friday, 11 February 2011

Update Time

Well it's been a while since I added anything to the blogimebob, so here goes on some of my news. After my Channel swim, I've become fat and lazy and upto the new year had done very little swimming. I just didn't have the motivation or indeed anything to encourage me to train for. However, a perfectly timed email from Mark Robson changed all that. He suggested that it would be a spiffing idea and a whizard wheeze to a tandem 2 person 2 way swim of Windermere (not a relay, but both do the full distance together). Having mulled it over for some time and grovelled to the gaffer, I agreed. So that was the goal for 2011 sorted, all I needed to do was remember how to swim!

January saw me back in the pool and I've gradually built back upto 15000m a week and I'm continuing this build. Though I detest all the warm water, it's a necessary evil until the open water warms a tid. Further motivation was a day out to London and the UK cold water Championships. Not only did I get the chance to swim in some proper cold water (estimates were around the 3-4C mark), but I caught up with so many friends from the wonderful world of open water swimming, which just inspired me further. The races themselves were great fun, I came 7th overall in the freestyle for my age group, just missing the final, but managed 4th in the heats of the breaststroke. Thus I had to swim a third race, but I wasn't able to clinch a medal coming in 4th again. Damn there's some fit old boys out there!

Other news, I passed my re-assessment as a pool lifeguard this week and I'm booked on the refresher for my beach lifeguard in mid March. Thus I'll be in the sea off Devon that week. Ruth and I are looking forward to the Channel swimmers dinner in March as well. Oh and I'm off to Gozo guiding for Swimtrek for the last 2 weeks in April, on the Long Distance Training Camp. This is always a great 2 weeks working with Mia Russell and the leg end that is Cliff Golding (sorry Legend)!

There you go, the blog is back and I'll try to update as I have anything worthy of note.

Andy W

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Best Laid Plans.

As many may already know, my swim came off the rails around the 10 hour mark. Having swam through the separation zone, I was lined up to land just north of the Cap. However, my old bones had better ideas and I was pulled from the water by my pilot (Ali) on safety grounds, a decision I didn't agree with at the time but as it turns out was, without doubt, the best one. This is why the pilots deserve every penny they are paid and why I have the upmost respect for what they do.

Thank-you to everyone who sent such wonderful words of encouragement before, during and after my swim. It is great to know that so many were willing me on, and I'm sorry I couldn't deliver, but over the next few days I will attempt to contact you all in some form to say thanks.

I will at some point put a more detailed acconut on the blogimebob, but for now thankyou all for believing in me and sorry.


Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The journey continues

Well Ali does not need AIS as spotters in Shropshire are telling me where we are all the time! The sun is shining, the music is great Ali has provided a great soundtrack for the crossing and we are all singing along. OOOh oh yes the swimmer well he continues to do really well and has fed brilliantly he now comes to the whistle and takes his bottle!!

From Andy's viewpoint its water water all the way. We have overtaken Steven Black on Suva. Keeping everything crossed!xxx

South West Shipping Lane

Well he's been going almost three hours and we are about to enter the South West shipping lane, it is a tad foggy at the moment. Andy is looking good, his swimhat appears to be giving him some grievance I will check at next feed. Ali is well impressed with his feeding it is spot on!!!

Swimbitch 1 out!

We're off!!

Well we are off well when I say we I mean Andy he has had two feeds and is going well, looking strong. the weather conditions are according to Ali a normal channel day and not one of these mirror smooth lake type channel swims. The boat ride is as they say a little cheeky. We have Irene as observer so all Andy's lucky charms are in place. I wll try and update as we go but his feeds are my priority. Rob will be going in on three hours as support swimmer. Will uate again as soons as am able!!

Signing off over over Swimbitch 1

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Twas The Night Before The Big Swim!!

Guess who's going to France tomorrow Morning (wednesday)?


Ali sent me a text comfirming an 06:30 start, so Rob my support swimmer is on his was and I'm busy mixing maxim. I'm all excited and nervous at the same time, but I really want to go now!!

I had a short dip in the harbour this afternoon and felt really good, so all the training, all the prep will come to fruition very soon.


Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday - The Swimmers are Off

Today saw many of the boats and swimmers out in the Channel. Early indications are that many swims were successful, including Liam Maher in 13 hrs 11 min. Well done Liam.

I've had no further updates from Ali, but the weather looks set fine for the number 2 swimmers tomorrow, and if the weather continues to hold, I may well be off on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed.

If anyone wants to track my swim the AIS tracker for Roco is on the link below.