Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dover Weekend 28th 29th June

Having recovered from my fright last time in Dover, I had taken a rest, and a bucket full of antibiotics!! The only swim completed was a 90 min effort off the coast of North Wales (Criccieth), this was in very rough conditions and I was forced out of the water due to the conditions.

The rest hovever, had done me the world of good, and I entered the water at Dover on Saturday morning feeling confident that I could complete the swim suggested by the lovely Freda, a 7 hour effort. The swim was totally uneventful and I fed well on each hour feeling great and well able to do more. I admit I was tired and a little sore but that's to be expected. I came out of the water after the 7 hours with renewed confidence in myself, and was grateful to all those who had faith in me, thankyou all.

Hovever, things did not stay as rosey as this, overnight my left shoulder became very stiff and painful, and even after a brufen fix the pain barely subsided. I managed to swim for 3 hours on Sunday before deciding that it may be best to "live to fight another day", thus rest the shoulder. I felt awful explaining to Freda my decision to quit, but I know I did the right thing. Meanwhile out on the beach there was a small reunion of some of the SwimTrek Malta swimmers as you can see:

Photo courtesy of Nicola Millichip.
Subsequently, I've been to see a sports injury specialist, who diagnosed, yes you guessed it, Rotator Cuff damage!! I'm now on prescribed anti-inflammatories and daily ultra-sound!! But I hope to be back in the harbour this Saturday coming, but time will tell!!

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