Friday, 12 March 2010

Never Say Never

Well it's now March 2010 and it's time to fire up the blog once again. This oddessey is far from over and the Channel beckons again. My tide and pilot is booked (19th - 27th July 2010, with Ali Streeter on Roco), the medical is complete and all my documentation has been accepted by the CS&PF. All that is left to do is swim (apart from some serious training!).

With regard to training, I've been somewhat limited to the pool because of the weather and work, though I'm using the pool time well with plenty of technique work. All will change soon though, as I set of to Gozo just after Easter for 3 weeks with SwimTrek. The first week as a swimmer under the guidance of Freda Streeter, Nick Adams and Mia Russell, and the following 2 weeks as a coach and guide, working with Mia and the legend (or is that leg end?) that is Cliff Golding.

I'm off to the CS&PF Dinner this weekend, so plently of motivation, gossiping and wine will be the order of the day. I'm also looking forward to my first dip in Dover harbour for the season. Hopefully I'll post a photo or 2 to prove my insanity.

More soon.


Enda Kennedy said...

Great to see a legend

or Leg-end back.

Im with you all the way.

Just e/mailed jcr. I might be too late for swimtrek end of april.


Andy Williams said...

JCR is in the Virgin Isles I believe. Get on the phone to SwimTrek in Brighton and ask if they have a slot (the website is showing full). It would be great to see you again.


Mark said...

Great to see you back in the virtual world Andy
like Enda I am sure you will fulfill your dream soon

keep us posted
good luck
have a great time at the dinner
and say hi to Freda for us
best wishes

Andy Williams said...

Hi Mark,

Good to hear from you. Yes I finally got a new hamster for the computer's power supply and fired up the virtual world. Ruth is still motivating me to have a mobile phone that does more than make phone calls. The kids are amazed at how I can now send a text in under a day. Still can't figure out facebook though!! Yes, I'll give Freda a hug from you, but only if you tell me if you have any plans this year?


Mark said...

Closely guarded secrets

for this year the wish is
Sandycove May 8th
Coniston May 30th
Windermere one way summer
GNS September

the rest/future is under wraps and not fir the virtual world though I would dearly love another swimtrek