Monday, 19 July 2010

Monday - The Swimmers are Off

Today saw many of the boats and swimmers out in the Channel. Early indications are that many swims were successful, including Liam Maher in 13 hrs 11 min. Well done Liam.

I've had no further updates from Ali, but the weather looks set fine for the number 2 swimmers tomorrow, and if the weather continues to hold, I may well be off on Wednesday.

Fingers crossed.

If anyone wants to track my swim the AIS tracker for Roco is on the link below.


Shag Stevens said...

All extremities crossed for good weather and a following wind etc. All glued to the net in APO - those that are awake that is. My plant is no more sob! Paul S

Mark said...

Almost time Andy
hope you are stocking up on sleep and food
you know you are ready
enjoy the swim Andy
we are rooting for you
mark n Kelly

Karen Throsby said...

Go Andy!!! Will be glued to the computer watching your progress.
Karen xx